Steven Page 375
"They confronted me, and all I could do was yell at them. "OH, YEAH? WELL, WHY DON'T YOU FUCKIN' WRITE THE LYRICS THEN???" I didn't know what else to say because it was so hard and I was drowning in tears of frustration every day. At the end of the album, we covered Julie London's "Cry Me A River" because I ran out of lyrics."

Page 376
"We needed another guy so we could go out on the road when the record came out. Rick Dufay was a friend of Jack's, a guitar player, a total asshole, and we loved him. Rick just so defined what a fuckin' asshole is. He would come up and spit in my face. He would do something brain-dead and just beg Jack to beat the shit out of him. "

Page 376
"I'd get in fights with him. He'd knock me down and my elbows would smash on the cement floor of the studio. "YOU FUCKIN' ASSHOLE! LOOK HOW FUCKED UP MY ELBOWS ARE!""
Tom Page 375
"For two years, the album we were working on, Rock In A Hard Place, was always two months away. It was hard times. We sold our house and moved to a condo and everyone else cut back too. Joey and I were determined to hang in there with Steven, but Brad couldn't handle it."

Page 375
"The truth is... we were raging. There were a lot of drugs around. This was whe freebasing cocaine was in vogue, the pre-crack era, so you can imagine how nuts it was."

Page 376
" By this time Jack Douglas was back on the project. The original producer, Tony Bongiovi [cousin of Jon Bon Jovi], either got fired or left. Things were insane and Jack came back to help us"

Page 394
"All the time we worked on Rock In A Hard Place we looked forward to getting the album out, going on the road, and picking up our huge success where we'd left it. Then reality seeped in. Every show, kids at the stage door: "Where's Joe?" The album bombed, the gigs got smaller and smaller, everything deteriorated. Finally some of the club gigs didn't even sell out."
Joey Page 375
"One day Tom comes up to me and says, "Brad's not coming back." We just looked at each other."

Page 375
"We ended up erasing the stuff that Brad did, and me, Tom, and Jimmy Crespo did all the tracks. I actually got to express myself a little, which hadn't happened before. I was writing songs, doing production work. Hey, it was almost like it was my own band. I did what I had to do to get the record out."
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