Steven Page 442
"[Late in 1986] I'm listening while Joe is playing a lick, like he always does, like he's probably doing in his room right now, and I'm going, "Hey, wait, what's that?" We start jamming on it, a great lick, and it inspired me. I'd just gotten a Korg, a wonderful [keyboard] instrument with a hundred presets, a songwriter's dream. Push a button--xylophones. Push--guitar feedback. Push--angels singing with violins. This jam the preset was on clavinet.
I wrote the chorus, based on this lick. Then I wrote the fuckin' bridge, the melody line--wham--there it was, in one afternoon.
When you got a good chorus, you wanna hang something good from it. It's better to end a chorus with something that ends in the "eee" sound, because it sings better and it pushes the chorus up through the roof, through the clouds. We had "Cruisin' for a ladee," which lasted for a week. Then we got a sampler, watched a tape of some black comedian who was making fun of Mr. T, which led to a riff about cross-dressing.
Then one day we met Motley Crue, and they're all going, "Dude!" Dude this and Dude that, everything was Dude. "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)" came out of that session.
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