Steven Page 335
"I came up with the idea of calling it Live! Bootleg because for years I'd seen people following us around selling unauthorized buttons shirts, tapes---you name it---at our gigs. We'd gotten bootlegged so many times I felt we'd be bootlegging ourselves if we just put out an album of us playing live. Calling it a bootleg was supposed to be ironic."
Joe Page 335
"I didn't want to do a live album at the time because there were so many perfect live albums coming out, all doctored and fixed and overdubbed. Big deal. Double live album--- "standard of the industry". I felt like we had to avoid that and do a real live album like Live At Leeds or Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out or that old Kinks album. So I was trying to think of something that would justify a live album in my head.

Then we started finding these old tapes. The two Paul's Mall trackes, "I Ain't Got You" and "Mother Popcorn", are legitimate bootleg tapes. Someone taped it off the air on cassette. Everybody said, "Two-track? Too much hiss! We can't put that on the album." And we said, "What the fuck do you think they did ten years ago?" So we did a stereo mix for the album, and we wanted to put it on because that's what we sounded like long before anyone knew who we were."
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