Joe Page 213
"The tracks were the stuff we'd been working on at our apartment on
Beacon Street in the summer of '73. I wrote the riff to "Same Old Song And Dance" one night in the front room and Steven just started to sing along. "Spaced" happened the same way in the studio, with a lot of input from Jack (Douglas). "S.O.S." meant "Same Old Shit" and came from the rehearsals at the Drummer's Image. "Woman Of The World" was a song that Steven had written with Don Soloman, a real rocker that we developed playing the middle section of "Rattlsnake Shake" from our live show. We thought it was gonna show the people who liked "Dream On" what Aerosmith was really about. "Lord Of The Thighs" and "Wither" were Steven's songs. Of all the ballads Aerosmith has done, "Wither" was the one I liked best. I never thought Aerosmith should do any ballads at all. My philosophy was the only thing a hard rock band should play slow was a slow blues."
Steven Page 214
""Seasons Of Wither" was about the winter landscape near this house I was living in with Joey near an old chicken farm [in Needham, Mass]. I used to lie in my bed at dawn, listening to the wind in the bare trees, how lonely and melancholy it sounded. I was pissed off about my taxes and getting mad helps me to write, so one night I went down to the basement where we had a rug on the floor and a couple of boxes for rurniture and took a few Tuinals and s few Seconals and I scooped up this guitar Joey gave me, this dumpster guitar, and I lit some incense and wrote "Seasons Of Wither"".
Tom Page 215
"The sessions were almost over and we needed one more song. So we locked ourselves into Studio C of the Record Plant for a night and came up with "Lord Of The Thighs", a portrait of the street life we used to encounter walking up Eighth Ave at dawn after work. Did you ever see that movie Taxi Driver? The girls in the satin hot pants, the pimps with the big velvet hats. That's what it was."
Joey Page 215
"The summer before, we'd rented a farmhouse in East Theford, Vermont, while we were rehearsing in New Hampshire, and that's wher I wrote the melody of "Pandora's Box". Steven wrote the lines about women's liberation, a big new issue in those times, and we used it to close Get Your Wings, a huge thrill for me, the first thing I'd ever written."
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