Joe Page 432
"On Done With Mirrors, we tried to just be honest and play our music. We weren't focusing on what we do best. The songs had basic riffs that were really good but never got finished. I thought "My Fist Your Face" and "Sheila" were pretty good. Two weeks before the record was supposed to be mastered, Steven was still in the hotel trying to write lyrics. We thought we worked best under pressure, but now I can't listen to the record."
Steven Page 433
"It was just us, the stuff we put out. It's the two's and four's, it's rock 'n' roll, and it was that particular slice and time. Joe Perry came up with the title, which meant magic. Done With Mirrors. To me, it was magic that we'd just gotten back together again."

Page 433
"All anybody wanted to know about was video. I kept saying I wasn't into the whole video thing because Aerosmith is a live band, something that can't be captured any way but live. The beauty of a concert is the energy of the show, the evnt, that night. You gotta see it to believe it. You gotta be there. So the video we did of "Let The Music Do The Talking" was about a kid who sneaks a Super 8 into our show. I liked it. It had that live feel. It didn't get on MTV, so we hardly officially existed."
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