Steven Page 103
"I went home to Yonkers for the weekend right after Joey Kramer joined and we got the name. A few days earlier, Joe Perry and I sat down for the first time on his bed and wrote a song we were calling "Movin' Out", and I just had this feeling. First thing I said to my mother when I walked in was "Mom, we're gonna have to move out of this house, because this new band on mine is gonna be so big there are gonna be kids in the bushes, kids peeking in the windows, kids all over the place."

She thought that was funny, but I knew what was gonna happen when people saw what we could do. Something deep inside me knew that it was only a matter of time now."
Brad Page 175
"I actually loved recording our first album.
I played my old Les Paul and did the solo on "One Way Street", still one of my favorite moments. Then the neck of that guitar gave up the ghost and I got another Les Paul, but it never sounded quite the same. We recorded on equipment that now seems to have come from some archaic era. The mixing board looked like it was made out of cardboard. But we just thought it was so exciting, so incredibly cool to be making our first album. "
Joe Page 174
"The album was recorded on sixteen tracks, with
those real big knobs. Today everything's computerized and digitized. Back then we just had this reel of tape. It was my first time in the studio and Steven's first chance to make an album. You can hear how uptight the band was, how little confidence we had. Steven even changed the way his voice sounds.

We were uptight, afraid to make mistakes. No one was hounding us. It was pressure from within ourselves, so much that the record came out sounding thin and sterile. We were total novices with no idea what to go for. A lot of the songs already existed because Steven had them from previous bands or had written them while we were together, like "Mama Kin", and we worked them into our shtick. I didn't even know or give a shit about songwriting. So we just went in there, pushed the knobs up, and said "Go for it". Then the red light came on and we froze up like fuckin' Eskimos. It was a big Drag. "
Joey Page 174
"Intermedia Sound was a studio where they did a lot of TV commercials. First time I'm ever in a recording studio in my life and I'm scared shitless, really excited to be doing this, and I made hundreds of mistakes. Oh God! And it as so simple. We set up the instruments, put mikes in front of them, and played our songs live a couple of times. That was it. That's how we did the first album. If we were good, Adrian would yell, "Yes! It's got the fire. It's got the bloody fire" in his priceless English accent that we made fun of. That's how we knew we had a take.

Steven and I almost killed each other because I had problems with my timekeeping. I hated playing in a confined area.
Tom Page 175
"The album was done so fast I barely remember anything but overdubbing some tracks and running to the bathroom for a hit of blow, good-tasting strong blow like we hadn't seen before, a better class of blow that we all got into, like the Peruvians we were at heart."
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