The Music STILL Does The Talking
The Best Of The Joe Perry Project

Since there were no changes to any of the songs I cheated and used the pages already created!
So if you use the "Back" button at the bottom of each lyrics page
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just wanted to let you guys know... tommy

Let The Music Do The Talking
Conflict Of Interest
Discount Dogs
Shooting Star
Break Song (Instrumental)
Rockin Train
Life At A Glance
Bone To Bone (Non Album B Side Never Before On CD) (Instrumental)
East Coast West Coast
I've Got The Rock N Rolls Again
No Substitute For Arrogance
Buzz Buzz
Soldier Of Fortune
South Station Blues
Once A Rocker Always A Rocker
Black Velvet Pants
King Of The Kings
Bang A Gong
Walk With Me Sally
Never Wanna Stop