( Dufay )

Oh... you can't feel it
Oh... you can't hear

Cause all I get
Is your sweet double word play
Now I'm out of love
And I'm not in your way

Don't talk back
Don't talk back

I have to get you
Just where you want to be
I have to talk you down
To listen to me

Jealousy got the best of me
I never knew how to referee
Shot down by your cold and thin eyes
Now I know how to speak my mind

Don't talk back
Don't talk back

Won't see me runnin'
With my tail between my legs
I haven't left my balls
Sitting on the shelf

Here comes whip woman
Taking her place
A refugee from hall of pain
Pain boogie... her foot in my face
Pardon... you're past
What's left to say

Cause I don't want to hear why can't I get home

I can't get away

Don't talk back
Don'tcha... don'tcha... don'tcha talk back
Don't talk back