Haberdasher Blues
( Perry /  David Johansen )

Oh yeah
Everything gonna be alright this morning

Oh yeah
Oh yeah... c'mon baby

Yeah... babe

Old tailor lady told my mother
Before I was born
She said
You got a haberdasher comin'
He gonna be
A son-of-a-gun

He gonna wear fine clothing
Fine shoes
That man the way he walk around the block
He ain't never... a got the blues

Yeah baby
Yeah I tellin' what I see

I got the haberdasher blues
Ummm yeah
That's when I... when I get the blues

You dream melancholy
Is an appetite
Is an appetite that the misery... ever satisfies
That's why
I told my uncle Bobby
You got a blue suit

Yeah that's what I'll do
I got the haberdasher blues
Yeah baby
That's what I do


For eleven year's he...
Didn't have a thing to wear
Mm... I started with a crib
Ain't never... driven
I dreamt my gold vision
Picked my
I'm gonna do

I have the same old haberdasher... blues
Baby you know what I am talkin' about
I'm gonna tell ya

Uh take five
Take five
Take five
You must travel the haberdasher blues
What's the haberdasher blues
Ha ha ha ha...

Haberdasher Blues