Bolivian Ragamuffin
( Tyler / J. Crespo )

Packed up your troubles in your old kit bag
You gotta dance to the tune of Bolivian Ragamuffin
Outtake's short breaks
Love her 'til the earth quakes

Standin' on the seashore lookin' at the city
See the street light dog bite your lady on the titty
At the wax museum and nobody cares to see themselves
As others care to see you but nobody wants to be you baby... yeah yeah yeah

Can't break cabbage head
Try and get a salad made
Hold the pickle hold the lettuce
Special orders don't upset us

Kickstand face looks so evil like knievel
Never make third base like a toilet bowl weevil
Like a squatez vous and a domo arigato
Tip my hat to you rock 'n roller obbligato... yeah yeah yeah

Stage show chorus line smoke a bone (or bowl) I'm feelin' fine
Girls in heat will try and get us
Hash in bones (or bowls) won't upset us... ha ha ha haaaa

He need cash... kick in the pants
Salt 'n bone... come on and dance
Blame it all... snake on Eve is a trance

Ain't gonna do it... ain't gonna do it
Ain't gonna do it... ain't gonna do it
Ain't gonna do it... ain't gonna do it
Ain't gonna do it... ain't gonna do it
Ain't gonna do it... ain't gonna do it

And then sounds that only our rock 'n roll hero Steven Tyler could ever make!

Bolivian Ragamuffin

Bolivian Ragamuffin live 1982

knievel is of course the world famous motorcycle daredevil Evil Knievel... it's just an amazing arrangement of words in this sentence isn't it.

domo arigato is a Japanese phrase meaning "Thank you very much"

squatez vous is French and means "you squat". So I gotta think that if
you put it into the context of the song and Steven's dirty mind... he's thanking some chick for squating on his face!! Ya just gotta love the fuckin' guy... LoL

obbligato is an Italian word meaning an important section to a piece of music that can not be left out. So I guess he's just using a play on words to describe an awesome muscian

Bones & hash in bones means adding hash to a rolled joint. Bone is slang for a joint. At first it sounded like they were lighting up a "bowl" of weed... ya know... a pipe! And adding hash to a bowl... but I'm hearing "bones" now! But either one fits... so take your pick! I saw on Jimmy Crespo's website... he has the lyrics to this song posted... and he has "bowls"... but I'm still hearing bones! He did give me the "salt 'n bone" & "snake on Eve is a trance" line... very cool!!