Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)
( Tyler / Perry )


Flatbush boy cruisin' Sheepshead Bay
His boardwalk mama a just a sniff away
Umm... underground D.M.T. we're ridin' thunder train
The Coney Island white fish boy is on the run again

Oooo... runnin' with the pack
Oooo... and never lookin' back
Oooo... know's just where he's been
That Coney Island white fish boy's
Been there and back again

Sixteen years with his boardwalk queen
And at the steeplechase she used to wet his dreams
She combed her hair that flamin' jewel
Streaked with Clorox bleach
Coney gettin' down and dirty
Snortin' up the beach

And she'd be screamin' Coney
And she'd be dreamin' Coney
Go get'em Coney

Coney...  Uum... bone to bone screamin'
Coney...  Uum... she be screamin' Coney yeah yeah yeah

In town
Get back around
A get back a get down
Get back in town
A she'd be screamin' Coney
Best believe it Coney
Shu do wa do wa do wa...

Bone To Bone

D.M.T. and "we're ridin' thunder train"

At first I thought maybe he was talking about the NYC subway system... but no! Thats called the I.R.T. (Interborough Rapid Transit)

He has to be talking about the drug DMT... (dimethyltryptamine)

And "we're riding thunder train" has to just be a drug reference... as "we're on drugs"... or... we're riding thunder train! I thought for a second he was talking about the big rollercoaster in Coney Island but thats called The Cyclone... and also he's "cruisin' Sheepshead Bay"... another part of Brooklyn... he's not in Coney Island at the time... just some more silly info for ya... tommy

I'm reading Keith Richard's book "Life" at the moment and he told a story about using DMT... and so... when it comes to drugs... ya just gotta believe Keith... lol