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Back In The Saddle
Sweet Emotion
Lord Of The Thighs
Toys In The Attic
Last Child
Come Together
Walk This Way
Sick As A Dog
Dream On
Chip Away The Stone
Sight For Sore Eyes
Mama Kin
I Ain't Got You
Mother Popcorn
Draw The Line (Not listed on album... Part of Mother Popcorn track)
Train Kept A Rollin'
That's my ticket stub from the show! 1978 was a great year! Besides the show I just saw (JPP) this was the most memorable Aerosmith show for me. We missed Mahogany Rush & Journey because we were out in the parkin' lot poundin' the beers! I remember walking into the stadium and onto the field. We looked up to the stage and saw Ted climbing onto a ten foot high stack of amps. Then a roadie tossed his guitar up to him and within seconds he started playin' and just fuckin' flew off the amps like a madman.... fuckin' awesome! Later while it began to rain, Aerosmith came out to Helter Skelter and began to kick our asses. I'm sure the quality of the show wasn't their best, since this was them at their drug using best.... But for me and my friends..... this was an incredible day.... and show!  Can you believe the price of the show was only $12.50!! This was only the second concert held in Giants Stadium. Bruce Springsteen was the first ever to play here.
The way things oughta be!!! 
When real music ruled the airwaves!!!
This came from the January 9, 1979 issue of Circus Magazine that I found in a box of my old stuff from the basement. Pretty cool huh!!
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