Drop Dead Gorgeous
( Tyler / Perry / M. Hudson )

Totally outta control... (control) (control)... she owns me
I didn't know that she'd know... (she'd know) (she'd know)... she stoned me
I think I got it bad and I can't let it go
I thought I knew me much better

Autumn and cashmere all orange and green
She's naturally drop dead gorgeous
Creme' de gardenia and black vaseline
She's naturally drop dead gorgeous
It's so not fair

Completely inside my head... imagine pretending
She's the book that I've read... with a beautiful ending
It really drives me mad I can't leave her alone
'Cuz I won't let me forget her

Rose colored glasses you know what that sez
She's naturally drop dead gorgeous
Her sweet molass' is all mine... pasque frez
She's naturally drop dead gorgeous

(Yeeaaahh)... yeah

Totally out of control she own me

Ssss.... sweet almond eyes just to see and be seen
She's naturally drop dead gorgeous
She tasting like cherries sweet love's grenadine
She's naturally drop dead gorgeous
Makes love like a rabbit to my velveteen
She's naturally drop dead gorgeous
A ten with a smile like a young Norma Jean
She's naturally drop dead gorgeous... gorgeous

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Pasque... is a flower. It's french meaning is Easter

Frez... I could'nt find anything on this word in any language! I even tried spelling it "frays"... since he changed the spelling of the word "says" to "sez"... so your guess is as good as mine to what he was thinking. It could be as simple as just needing something to rhyme with "sez"... a little play on words if you will... LoL  Who the hell knows...

Velveteen... is a cotton cloth made in imitation of velvet

The Velveteen Rabbit... is a children's novel... so maybe just some more play on words here!

Norma Jean... of course Steven is talking about Marilyn Monroe here. Norma Jean Mortenson was her "real" name.