Since there were no changes to any of the songs I cheated and used the pages already
created except for "Chip Away"...
So if you use the "Back" button at the bottom of each lyrics page
it will bring you back to it's original album and not back to this page...
just wanted to let you guys know... tommy


Rats In The Cellar
Lick And A Promise
Chip Away The Stone
No Surprize
Mama Kin
Adam's Apple
Nobody's Fault
Round And Round
Critical Mass
Lord Of The Thighs
Train Kept A Rollin'
Thats my ticket stub from the show. G 'n R filmed footage for Paradise City at this show and you see it in the video... it's pretty cool knowing that you were at that specific show! It was just a wild night... whole sections went up in flames... the hotdog stands were trashed... And unbelievably... Paradise City just came on the radio as I'm typing this out... pretty fuckin' cool!!
From what I remember... Ritchie Blackmore stole the night during Hghway Star when he was jamming his guitar into the front row... just awesome! By the time the boyz came on my head was spinning from too many beers and a P.A. system beyond too loud... and I bailed out before the end of the show! I know I know... what a pussy LoLoLoL... tommy