Where Has It Gone
( Destiny )

In the middle of my life,
Who would have thought
My heart would get snagged
On a branch and get caught?

For now I've no time,
For someone other than me.
I'm just not equipped,
Is that too hard to see?

I have no desire
To give up my heart.
But who could resist
Such a beautiful start?

Your voice sends me drifting.
Is that too hard too see?
It's scary yet obvious
What you're doing to me.

You made my heart stop,
You caught me off guard.
You surround me with joy,
simple tasks become hard.

I'm lost in pure thoughts
Of how things could be.
How vivid the picture is,
Of you and me.

Your smile sends shivers up
And down my spine.
I smile and wonder,
where it's gone these past years?