Watching People Go By
( Destiny )

A little girl would daydream
watching people go by,
She would imagine growing up
and deeply she would sigh.

She imagined her home,
it had a white picket fence,
She imagined her children,
it all made sense.

There were flowers in her garden,
a little tree in the yard,
Her children running and giggling,
it all gave her warmth in her heart.

All her visions captured in her mind,
all her hopes and dreams held tight,
In that little girl's soul
she knew all with the world was right.

Years went by and her dreams went, too
things didn't quite come out her way,
Things changed so quickly,
but still she believed the dream would be one day.

She had made so many mistakes,
that little girl who is no more,
So many wrong turns,
so many unopened doors.

She can't count the tears she's cried,
the pain has cut all too deep,
She has so much on her mind,
there isn't even peace in sleep.

Her faith in love was gone,
her hopes and dreams faded more each day,
Until she saw this little girl watching
people go by, the little girl looked up
and smiled.

She knew without a word,
she felt it without a thought,
In one little gaze she saw happiness,
and suddenly she felt so much.
That heart that went cold,
those dreams that seemed so lost,

All those mistakes
she thought had such a huge cost...
were all washed away....

Sometimes she looks inside herself
and she can hear that little girl sigh,
She doesn't daydream anymore
watching people go by.