The Light
( Destiny )

As I walk through the shadows of my heart,
I hear faint echoes of a painful past calling out to me.
Filled with broken promises, shattered dreams & lost hopes,
everything seems so distant yet familiar.

There seems to be no peace for the sins of my past,
in the darkness there is a thirst for touch,
for the vaguest sense of hope.
I reach out to try to break the hold my memories have on
my heart. I know I should let go of the past, but the ghosts &
phantoms of memory have a strong grasp.

In the darkness I see a light,
it shines so brightly I have to shield my eyes,
and before the memories can drown my ability to care a
hand reaches out, pulling me from the darkest place in my heart.
It shines down with a beauty unseen & unheard.

I look up into the light and I see what happiness could be,
the light I see in your eyes, you are my happiness, you are
my heart. Please don't break me...

She's lying on her bed, starring at the ceiling,
all the lights turned off ...
It's 3 am ....
Headphones wrapped around her ears,
dark feelings stirring within & yet she lies there paralyzed...
uttering not a single word.

~ Desy ~

"Long as I can see the light." CCR