Never Gonna Cry Again
( Stella Schwartz )

Running to nowhere
Feeling all alone

Making my life the way I want it
Never gonna let myself cry in front of you

Seeing my life flash me by while i'm up in the sky
While you quickly take my heart and stab me in the dark

No one will ever take my pain of losing you again
I can't breath, I can't sleep I've already made my bed
I am never gonna cry, never gonna cry, never gonna cry

Seeing you with someone else breaks me up inside
It's hurts so bad, it makes me sad
I feel like I want to die

Can you feel my soul, can you feel my heartbeat
It's crying out for you,but you're never there
You're like a ghost of my past
A past I'm tring to forget

Repeat Chours

Gonna cry again
Cry again, cry again
Never gonna cry again