Love Enough For Two
( Tommy Mondello )

When I think of you with open arms... and the miles between me and home
  I have dreadful thoughts of you not there
     Thus living my life all alone---

Sometimes I feel I'm inside of you... I perceive what your eye's see
  I always understand the things you do
     You are the world and more to me---

Don't ever worry you're never alone... I will always be by your side
  To comfort you with soothing words
     Whenever this world takes you for a ride---

Take my hand and squeeze my palm... let us welcome the heavens' rain
  Together we'll walk... together we'll talk
     Together we'll soothe eachother's pain---

End of night brings warm caress... I will never let you go
  To wake up here without you there
     Would simply cause me to lose control---

I need you now to believe in me... the way I believe in you
  For times like this with miles afar... always remember
     That the love I have is love enough for two---