Inner Demons
( Brandon Schlacht )

You tell yourself lies
Keep telling yourself lies
It still won't help
'Cause there's still a truth
Deep inside your dreams

Deceive all your feelings
Hide them from the world
Tell yourself they're nothing
Doesn't mean they aren't there
In the corner of your mind

Drown your sorrows
Drown them in booze
Cover them in needles
These artificial highs
Will only make things worse

Insist it ain't there
Tell us all there's nothing there
We can tell by your eyes
You can't hide what you feel
Not even from yourself

Tell me the truth
We know what it is
You and I know
Let the fears go now
And save us both from lies

Your plastic toys
Your fake but there boys
They just aren't right
You know what is though
And you know that it's me

Hurry now and listen
While the sun still glistens
I won't repeat it
I'm here for you now
But I won't wait forever