I'll Always Be Right There
( Destiny )

On the front porch alone,
I take a breath of air.
God's creations are so real,
you can see he cares.

He put forth all his effort
to make his dreams come true.
He made a lot of beautiful things,
and one of them is definately you.

You say your eyes are plain and brown,
but I see some green in them.
When you smile and laugh with me,
they sparkle like a gem.

You are my friend,
can't be anything more.
Friendship will last longer than this feeling,
I've been through this before.

We are going in different directions,
I wonder if soon we'll grow apart,
but I will never forget you, no matter what.
You'll always be in my heart.

So don't forget about me.
Don't forget I'll always care.
Call me when you need a friend,
I'll always be right there.