( Tommy Mondello )

The skies ablaze with hatred
  A billowing horror
I'm helpless

Telephone calls that couldn't be made
  Frozen... timeless ticks... life is fading away
I'm helpless

Ten million thoughts... pure insanity
  Standing there in disbelief
     Unable to reach out... unable to save
I'm helpless

I've just lost my heart... followed by my soul
  Moments ever engrained into all I have left
     A meaningless mass... flesh and bone
I'm helpless

Comes a quiet within confusion
  Consealing my anger... a numbing pain
     Hours pass... a dormant phone
        Scrolling words now forever consume my life
           Recording a history not deserved
I'm helpless

There will never be another tomorrow as long as I can see today
  And today will last my lifetime
     I'm afraid tomorrows sun has been lost
        Eternal darkness calls
I'm helpless