Crazy Lovers
( Tommy Mondello )

Looking at you is the reason why... I've come so far today
  Cross mountainsides... through ocean tides
     Just visions of you... my lady---

There were nights of frost... I felt so lost
  With nothing to hold on to
I'd say my prayers... fulfilled my dares
  But it all came back to you---

I'd think of things involving time
  Crooning lyrics... creating rhymes
     But somehow time stood still
Sun after sun... when the rain was gone
  I'd count each one with a passion that could kill---

It was incredible how I felt
  Days were hot... nights were cold... with comfort far and inbetween
But at the time I gave up hope... I'd think of you
  And remember that you are the prettiest thing that I have ever seen---

I guess the way I feel is really the way I am
  I can not be another
And coming back home to you I believe we can
  Continue as crazy lovers---