Draw The Line
( Tyler / Perry )

I read an artical where Steven said the song was about handling the pressures of stardom... how difficult it was to be yourself and not what everyone else expected you to be... even when you were at your wits end... too bad... everyone was waiting for your next big hit song... so you march on no matter what it takes... and you tilt the vial... snort a few more lines of coke... until you write another hit song!

And just to clarify... in case you didn't know... "draw the line" has two meanings in this song.
First being like when you draw a line in the sand. Last chance to stop whatever the wrong thing is you're doing or I'll beat your ass! The other means to cut a line of cocain with a razor... credit card or whatever on a mirror before snorting it.


Checkmate honey beat'choo at'chor own damn game
No dice honey I'm livin' on a astral plane
Feet's on the ground and your head's goin' down the drain
Oh heads I win tails you lose to the nether mind
When to draw the line

The Indian summer Carrie was all over the floor
She was a wet nap winner and rarely ever left the store
She'd sing and dance all night and wronged all the right outta me
Oh... pass me the vial and cross your fingers it don't take time
No where to draw the line

Hi ho silver we were singin' all your cowboy song
Oh... you told Carrie and promised her you wouldn't be long
Heads I win tails you lose lord it's such a crime
No dice honey you the salt you're the queen of the brine
Checkmate honey you the only one whose got ta choose
Where to draw the line

Aaaahhh... checkmate don't be late... take another pull

That's right

... When you got to be yourself

You're the boss of the toss
The dice... the price
Write yourself a song... and... draw the line

Ooo... line
Ooo... line
Ooo... line
Ooo... line
Ooo... line
Ooo... line
Ooo... line
Ooo... line
Ooo... line

Draw The Line original version

Draw The Line Re-mix
Same lyrics but Steven's voice is much clearer in this mix!

Wet nap... is just a slang term that has to do with sex... when he says "she was a wet nap winner"... he's just talkin' about a loose chick who loves doin' it...

There's several things it usually means...

Having a wet dream... like us horny dudes used to have when we were teenagers...
or if the guy jack's off on his sleeping girl and she doesn't realize it...
or falling asleep with some of her guys load still in and around her mouth 'n face after a bj...
or a female tea bag
(when she squats over her sleeping guy and dabs her moistened pussy onto his lips and nose)...

As for where it fits here in the song... I'm guessing it's one of the first three or some variation...