Legendary Child
( Tyler / Perry )

Legendary Child...

I'll tell ya what I'm talkin' about

Makin' love at 17 yeah we had the luck
But we traded 'em toys for other joys
Yeah we didn't give a... whoa whoa whoo

I took a chance at the high school dance
Never knowin' wrong from right
And that same show 40 years ago
Bein' televised tonight

'Cause getting from inside my head to the Taj Mahal
I went from never havin' none to wanna have it all
I wanna keep that dream alive
And eat that honey from the hive
With all the noise and all the clamour
No surprise you know I am a... Legendary Child

I think a what I'm tryin' ta say... is...

Sticks and stones will break your bones
At least they'll rearrange
I drop a dime and everytime I get myself a nickels change
They say we don't know jack/Jack at the Plant we proved them wrong
We traded in our souls at night and sold'em for a song

And if Satan had a lady friend her name was Mary Jane
I never wondered why she tried to drive us quite insane

And how we got that golden fleece
From tokin' on that pipe of peace
Yeah as far as I can see there is a god
'Cause I got me a...
Legendary Child
Legendary Child

Legendary Child
Legendary Child

Whoa... Whoa
Whoa... Whoa

Legendary Child
Legendary Child

Whoa... whoa...

Legendary Child

Legendary Child Official Video

They say we don't know jack/Jack...
this seems to be a play on words... it could mean we don't know jack shit... don't know anything or it could mean Jack Douglas their old time pal record producer from the '70's who is producing the new album...
At the Plant...
this has to mean the recording studio that Jack Douglas was... or still is associated with called... The Record Plant even tho none of the songs were recorded there...
Mary Jane...
this is slang for weed... or pot... but since they're supposed to be on the wagon... it could also be a literal meaning that there was a woman working on the album with them... possibly from the record company... who was continuosly busting their balls about the material... if I find out for sure I will post it!
Tokin' on that pipe of peace...
this to could also be a play on words... if Mary Jane WAS talking about smoking pot... then the pipe of peace was full of weed... but it could also be a metaphor for compromising with Mary Jane the record company lady friend of the devil to complete the album and don that golden fleece!
Fucking Steven has a way with words doesn't he!!!