Aerosmith  (1973)
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Toys In The Attic (1975)
Rocks  (1976)
Draw The Line  (1977)
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Night In The Ruts (1979)
Greatest Hits  (1980)
Let The Music Do The Talking  (1980)
I've Got The Rock-n-Rolls Again (1981)
Whitford / St. Holmes  (1981)
Rock In A Hard Place  (1982)
Once A Rocker Always A Rocker (1983)
Done With Mirrors  (1985)
Classics Live  (1986  Live Words)
Classics Live 2  (1986  Live Words)
Permanent Vacation  (1987)
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Just Push Play  (2001)
Young Lust  (2001)
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O Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits (2002)
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Rugrats Go Wild Soundtrack  (2003)
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Honkin' On Bobo  (2004)
The Polar Express Soundtrack (2004)
Steven Tyler & Joe Perry --- Lightning In A Bottle  (2004)
Joe Perry (2005)
Rockin' The Joint  (2005  Live Words)
Santana --- Just Feel Better  (2005)
Devil's Got A New Disguise (2006)
Have Guitar Will Travel  (2009)
Steven Tyler --- Love Lives  (2010)
Tough Love: Best Of The Ballads  (2011)
Steven Tyler --- (It) Feels So Good  (2011)
ZZ Top Tribute --- Sharp Dressed Man  (2011)
Joe Perry --- Man Of Peace  (2012)
Music From Another Dimension  (2012)
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Aerosmith Caught On Tape
Nuthin' But The Lyrics
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If you guys are into "the doors" like I am...
Come spend the day with me & Billy in Paris, France... May 4th, 1983 and take the
Jim Morrison Grave Tour

Now view the tour & listen to Jim being interviewed while watching!
I put together a low tech still photo video... hope you enjoy it...
Hey guys... I put all the songs in alphabetical order for you just in case you weren't sure what
album you needed to look at. Just click on the song title and that will bring you to the
correct album. I hope this makes life alittle easier!   Later everyone... tommy

Aerosmith Song Titles
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Mama Kin Music Hall

That's me Tommy Mondello in my #13 Dan Marino jersey
outside of the Mama Kin nightclub in Boston Mass... 1996... pretty cool isn't it !
Unfortunately the club is no longer open as it closed it's doors back in 1999...
Just thought that it would be cool for you guys to see

And don't forget to click on the pix...  tix...  album covers  &  wings

As always... your pal... tommy
Tommy Raw
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